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Purnamasi Kab Ki Hai: A Complete Overview


In the Hindu calendar, Purnima is the full moon day. It is considered an auspicious day in Hinduism and is associated with spiritual significance. Purnima occurs every month, and each Purnima has its own importance and rituals. In this article, we will delve into the significance of Purnima, the dates of Purnima in the year 2022, and the customs and traditions associated with this special day.

What is Purnima?

Purnima, also known as Purnima Tithi, is the full moon day in the Hindu lunar calendar. It occurs when the moon is completely illuminated by the sun and appears as a full circle in the sky. Purnima is considered a highly auspicious day in Hinduism and is associated with various religious and spiritual activities.

Significance of Purnima:

Purnima holds great significance in Hindu culture and spirituality. It is believed that performing rituals and prayers on this day can bring good fortune and blessings. Many Hindu festivals are also based on the Purnima Tithi, highlighting its importance in religious practices.

Dates of Purnima in 2022:

Here are the dates of Purnima in the year 2022:

  1. January 17, 2022 – Paush Purnima
  2. February 16, 2022 – Magha Purnima
  3. March 18, 2022 – Phalguna Purnima
  4. April 16, 2022 – Chaitra Purnima
  5. May 16, 2022 – Vaishakha Purnima
  6. June 14, 2022 – Jyeshtha Purnima
  7. July 13, 2022 – Ashadha Purnima
  8. August 11, 2022 – Shravana Purnima
  9. September 9, 2022 – Bhadrapada Purnima
  10. October 9, 2022 – Ashwina Purnima
  11. November 7, 2022 – Kartika Purnima
  12. December 7, 2022 – Margashirsha Purnima

Rituals and Customs on Purnima:

On the day of Purnima, devotees observe fasts, visit temples, perform pujas, and offer prayers to the moon. Charity and acts of kindness are also considered important on this auspicious day. People often take a dip in sacred rivers and participate in holy gatherings to seek blessings and spiritual fulfillment.


1. Is Purnima celebrated every month in the Hindu calendar?
– Yes, Purnima occurs every month in the Hindu lunar calendar.

2. What is the significance of fasting on Purnima?
– Fasting on Purnima is believed to bestow spiritual benefits and cleanse the body and mind.

3. Are there specific rituals associated with each Purnima?
– Yes, different Purnimas have their own rituals and customs based on the lunar month and the associated significance.

4. Can non-Hindus participate in Purnima rituals?
– Purnima is a universal spiritual event, and people from all backgrounds are welcome to participate in the rituals and prayers.

5. What are some common offerings made on Purnima?
– Offerings such as fruits, flowers, incense, and sweets are commonly made during Purnima rituals.

6. Is there a particular time of the day when Purnima rituals should be performed?
– Purnima rituals are often performed in the evening or at night when the moon is visible in the sky.

7. Are there any specific mantras or prayers recited on Purnima?
– Various mantras and prayers dedicated to the moon and Lord Vishnu are recited during Purnima ceremonies.

8. Can Purnima be celebrated at home, or is it better to visit a temple?
– Purnima can be celebrated both at home and in temples, depending on personal preference and convenience.

9. What is the spiritual significance of Purnima in Hinduism?
– Purnima is believed to be a sacred day for seeking blessings, spiritual growth, and fulfillment of desires.

10. Are there any special festivals associated with Purnima?
– Yes, festivals such as Guru Purnima, Raksha Bandhan, and Sharad Purnima are celebrated on Purnima days, each with its own unique customs and traditions.

In conclusion, Purnima holds a special place in Hindu culture and spirituality, symbolizing purification, blessings, and spiritual growth. By observing the rituals and customs associated with Purnima, devotees seek spiritual fulfillment, prosperity, and divine blessings. Each Purnima is a reminder of the cyclical nature of time and the eternal presence of divine energy in our lives.

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