who is conman sukesh

This is a con man I’ve heard of but never met. He’s the kind of guy who gives you a little something to look forward to and then disappears. He’s usually a man of few words but plenty of action. There’s no way to know where he is or what he’s doing. I found him in the lobby of a building where he’s pretending to be a lawyer.

Sukesh was the name of the guy who gave me the first job in the game.

The game is called Conman Sukh. Its a dark game, very much about stealth and killing. If you want to know more about it, you need to check out the official website.

Sukh is a shady conman who seems to be at the center of the game’s plot, but you never really know. As he plays his part I don’t expect him to show up in any of the game’s cutscenes, but this trailer hints at him doing what he does best–assassinating people.

Sukh is a stealth game, but it’s a good game because it doesn’t rely so much on stealth. The only real stealth feature is the ability to fly, which makes the game harder. The only other stealth feature is the ability to shoot, in which case you can’t shoot at people, but you can shoot at objects. It also has some crazy powers, including the ability to throw ice cubes at enemies, freeze them up, and cause them to burst into flames.

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